Listing Deployments with RetroDeep CLI

A Deployment is an instance of your project that is running on the RetroDeep platform. Each time you push updates or modifications to your project through the RetroDeep CLI or connected repositories, a new deployment is created. This allows you to maintain historical versions of your project, test new features in isolation, and roll back to previous versions if necessary.

The retrodeep ls command is utilized to list all deployments associated with a specific project. This allows you to quickly view the status of all deployments, aiding in management and oversight of your deployed applications.


List Deployments for a Project:

retrodeep ls [project name]

Enter the name of the project to see all active and historical deployments. If no project name is provided, it will prompt you to specify a project.


List All Deployments for a Project:

To list all deployments for a specific project named test-app:

retrodeep ls test-app

This will display all deployments under the test-app project, including details such as deployment IDs, status, and creation dates.

Deleting Deployments

The retrodeep rm command allows users to effectively manage their project's resources by removing unwanted or obsolete deployments. This command supports deleting individual deployments as well as all deployments associated with a specified project, providing flexibility in managing deployment lifecycles.

Remove a specific deployment using the command:

retrodeep rm [deployment-url]

Specify the URL or ID of the deployment you wish to remove. This action will delete the specified deployment, freeing up resources and cleaning up your project space.

Remove All Deployments for a Specific Project:

By specifying a project name, you can remove all deployments associated with that project. This is useful for project termination or major overhauls where starting fresh is necessary.

retrodeep rm [project-name]


Remove a Single Deployment:

To remove a specific deployment with its URL:

retrodeep rm example_deployment_url

Remove All Deployments for a Specific Project:

To remove all deployments associated with the test-app project:

retrodeep rm test-app

To display help information about the retrodeep rm command:

retrodeep help rm

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