A project in RetroDeep represents a specific application or a service that you are developing under which all related deployments are grouped. Each project can have multiple environments or versions deployed at different stages of development, such as testing, staging, and production.

The retrodeep projects command is your hub for managing all your RetroDeep projects from the terminal.


To list all projects associated with your RetroDeep account:

retrodeep projects

This command fetches and displays a list of all your projects, making it easy to keep track of what you have deployed or are working on.

Deleting a Project

To delete a project, use the retrodeep rm command with the project's name or ID:

retrodeep rm [Project Name] 

Usingretrodeep rmwith a project name, the entire project and all its deployment will be removed.

Additional Help

For more detailed instructions or help with specific commands, you can use the help option:

retrodeep help projects

This command will provide a detailed guide and usage instructions right in your terminal.

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