Viewing Logs with RetroDeep CLI

The retrodeep logs command enables you to easily access and monitor the logs of your deployments directly from the command line. This feature is crucial for debugging and understanding the behavior of your applications in real-time.


View Logs for a Deployment:

retrodeep logs [deployment URL | deployment ID]

Specify either the deployment URL or the unique deployment ID to view logs associated with that deployment.

Using retrodeep logs with a production url would display logs for the most recent deployment.

Extended Usage

This command supports viewing logs for both current and past deployments, helping you troubleshoot issues or monitor ongoing operations.


View Logs Using Deployment URL:

To see the logs for a specific deployment using its URL:

retrodeep logs example_deployment_url

View Logs Using Deployment ID:

If you know the deployment ID, you can directly use it:

retrodeep logs deploymentID

For comprehensive troubleshooting and audit purposes, reviewing logs frequently can provide insights into the health and performance of your applications.

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